''Trains from Transcarpathia'' is a photographic project that focuses on Hungary, the second busiest border in the Ukrainian conflict after Poland. The following collection of photographs portrays the constant arrival of refugees in the small border town of Záhony, which has the only railway connecting Ukraine with Hungary through the mountainous area of Transcarpathia. During the first month of the war, the trickle of people did not stop, and the coordination of non-governmental organizations was excellent. However, the queues to access the few trains to Budapest were getting longer every day. Suitcases, bags and clothes piled up on the platform as the days went by.
Since the beginning of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, nearly six million people have been forced to move to the European Union in search of protection. After four months of war, most Ukrainian refugees have received temporary protection, as well as employment contracts in those countries where they have moved.

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