'Tacones de hierro' is the portrait of the resistance that sex professionals exert against institutional, xenophobic and transphobic violence in large European cities like Barcelona and Paris.
There are many transgender women, especially sex workers, who suffer violence and exclusion in Latin American countries, where life expectancy is much lower than average due to the risk of living intolerantly. Susana, Xiomara, Claudia and Sofía moved to Barcelona and Paris in search of better opportunities.
Thus, 'Tacones de hierro 'is a visual journey through the realities of the Susana, Xiomara, Sofía and Claudia, which far from paternalistic dynamics, has no other reason than to show something that is there, that exists.
This is the image of how they empower themselves and their profession.
© Sergi Llanas Páez, all rights reserved

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